The S&S Story

S&S Cafeterias offers their customers their choice of meals, with a selection of more than 115 items at each location. The company focus is to provide quality food and excellent customer service in all of its divisions which include: wholesale distribution and cafeteria dining. CEO J. A. Smith III grew up in the food business as his father founded the company. J. A. Smith Jr., Mr. Smith’s father, was a veteran of the food service business before he opened the first S&S Cafeteria in Columbus, Georgia in 1936.


JA Smith Jr.

State Wholesale Food was created in 1949 as a buying and distribution center for the restaurants. Serving customers face to face in the cafeterias has been our main focus for more than 80 years although we have multiple operations in the food service industry. S&S Cafeterias has locations in Georgia, Tennessee and South Carolina.

The reasons for our success are simple to learn, but not so simple to master. Through 4 generations of Smith family involvement, S&S continues to focus on quality food. Because the locations are not as spread out like other chains, the company can monitor the food from all vendors and offer the same menu at every site.
SAndSDowntownMaconAt S&S the customer is always right. We are dedicated to developing and keeping a strong customer base. Customers can also influence the service by filling out the suggestion cards found on each table and in each takeout purchase. Keeping customers happy is the primary focus for S&S Cafeterias. Each day, we look at the customer count to see how we are doing. The barometer by which we gauge our success is the number of customers we feed.

From the moment J. A. Smith Jr. opened the first S&S Cafeteria in 1936, Smith and Sons Foods has been a family business. 
J A. Smith III and Robert A. Smith, serve as CEO and Executive Vice President, respectively. J. A. Smith IV is President of cafeteria operations and Judson R. Smith is a District Manager. The company’s fourth generation family involvement is represented by the founder’s great-grandson, David Smith.

At S&S Cafeterias

WE ARE PROUD to provide our customers with fresh, delicious food, served in a clean and friendly environment.

WE ARE DEDICATED to giving our customers the high-quality service and excellent value they expect and deserve from us.

WE ARE PLEASED to welcome our customers to a clean, friendly and relaxed dining environment.

WE ARE COMMITTED to serve our customers with speed, respect and courtesy.

WE ARE HONORED our customers chose S&S and we return the favor by thanking them, in work and deed, with true Southern hospitality.

WE ARE PROFESSIONALS whose expertise gives our customers a pleasurable dining experience — and brings them back for more.

Management Team

James A. Smith, III  –  CEO/Chairman of the Board

James A. Smith, IV  –  President

Judson R. Smith  – Vice President

David R. Johnson  –  Vice President /Secretary/Treasurer

Louis R. Bennett, III  –  District Manager of Cafeteria Operations

Raylon Soles  –  General Manager – State Wholesale Food

Melissa C. Smith  –  Director of Human Resources

Sheryl Skidmore – Director of Computer Operations

Rita W. Kiser  –  Director of Advertising

Lora Darmohray  –  Director of Purchasing – State Wholesale Food