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Anyone who has ever traveled to a new city knows that finding the perfect restaurant for breakfast, lunch, or dinner is one of the most rewarding experiences. Food can help visitors understand the city’s culture and connect to those who are residents of the location. Likewise, residents need a restaurant they can rely on to have the great food they have come to know and love served by a friendly, warm, and welcoming waitstaff. Dining is far more than the consumption of food. It is a way to connect to and enjoy your culture while also having a meal that sustains you all day long.

When a resident of Knoxville, Tennessee, is looking for excellent, home-cooked food, exceptional service, and a relaxing atmosphere, he or she need not look any further than S&S Cafeterias. We have been serving delicious food for generations – more than 80 years – and we are dedicated to continuing to do so because we care about our customers’ happiness. Our family history as a spot for great American food will continue for as long as the residents of Knoxville keep enjoying our many great dishes found on our extensive menu.

While breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, the value of the afternoon meal should not be discounted. Everyone has their favorite breakfast items like pancakes and omelets, but most people also have their go-to menu items for lunch. A wholesome and delightful noontime meal such as the type you can receive at one of our restaurants in Knoxville is just the thing that will keep up your energy for the rest of the day and ensure that you are not distracted by hunger until dinner.

Whether it is fried chicken and turnip greens or country-style steak with macaroni and cheese, the variety of delightful lunch options at S&S Cafeterias in Knoxville, Tennessee, are sure to leave you and your party satisfied all day. When it comes to lunchtime food options in Knoxville, our restaurant has you covered.

Fantastic Lunch Options

When you were a child, it was common to bring a packed lunch to school consisting of simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich on white bread, potato chips, a piece of fruit, and a juice box. Although that was perfectly acceptable for the elementary school palate, adults should find a way to enjoy their lunch.

One of the best ways to truly enjoy your lunch is to have a home-cooked American meal that warms your heart and soul. However, preparing that meal takes time and effort that you may not have before your day begins or even the evening before. That is where S&S Cafeterias in Knoxville, Tennessee, play an integral role in the lunch choice of the locals.

S&S Cafeterias has various options to choose from when it comes to entrees, sides, desserts, and beverages. We use great ingredients to make the fine American cuisine that you and your family have come to know and love. Some of our entree options include roast beef, fried chicken, country steak, oven-roasted chicken, and many more. Alongside the entrees, you can choose from such delightful sides as vegetables like green beans, salads, and oven-baked breads. Do not forget to finish off your dining experience with one of our sweet cakes or pies as well as fresh-brewed sweet or unsweetened iced tea.

Warm and Welcoming Atmosphere

At S&S Cafeterias, our customers are always right, and we are dedicated to providing them the best possible dining experience. In addition to the fresh, delicious American cuisine, our dining areas are always clean and relaxing, and the waitstaff is friendly. Our team in Knoxville, TN, recognizes that our customers expect and deserve high-quality service and great value, so we strive to meet those expectations every day.

Our customers are our top priority, so we are committed to serving you with speed, respect, and courtesy. True Southern hospitality is how we operate, so those individuals who choose S&S Cafeterias in Knoxville, TN, will always be welcomed warmly and treated with the utmost respect. At S&S Cafeterias, the customer is always right!

When you decide to entrust your lunch to one of the many restaurants in Knoxville, TN, you must have the most pleasant dining experience possible with an exceptional menu and a fantastic staff waiting on you. At S&S Cafeterias, we know that our professionalism, expertise, and experience in the foodservice industry will shine through and continue to bring our customers back to us for more great food and a warm, inviting environment.

Visit Our Knoxville, TN, Location

Whether you are a resident of Knoxville or just visiting, S&S Cafeterias is the place to go for the home-cooked food you love without all of the mess in your own home. Our menu changes regularly, and comments from our customers help to let us know what you love the most so that we can be sure to offer it on the menu. Be sure to give us a call to see what we are serving!

The midday meal should not be ignored or given less thought than breakfast or dinner. Relaxing with friends and family while you take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life should be treasured. Treasuring that experience with exceptional food made for you in the traditional Southern style can take that experience to an even greater level. Allow us at S&S Cafeterias in Knoxville to help create that lunch experience for you.

In addition to serving customers at our Kingston Pike location in Knoxville, we are proud to offer takeout and delivery services through DoorDash, GrubHub, and EZ Cater. We also offer gift cards for those friends and family members who truly enjoy a good meal in a warm and welcoming atmosphere in Knoxville.

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