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Takeout and Delivery Service in Charleston, SC

Take-out services have existed for quite a while; however, since the COVID-19 outbreak, they have grown in popularity. To limit the spread of the virus, many Charleston restaurants closed their dine-in services and began offering to-go orders and takeout options. Now, these restaurants provide takeout services, which are convenient for the vulnerable population in South Caroline, and individuals with busy schedules. 

Prepared meals from S&S Cafeterias are ideal because the cafeteria offers your favorite Southern home-away-from-home cooking to go.

Order a Hot Meal Online NOW in Charleston

S&S Cafeterias offer a wide variety of foods and provides curbside pickup.

  • Our Charleston, SC restaurant offers made-from-scratch desserts, fresh-brewed coffee, and complete takeout meals.
  • You can choose thirteen unique entrées, including fried chicken, oven-roasted chicken, roast beef, and country steak.
  • You can complete your meal by choosing a salad, bread, cheesecake, pie, or sweet tea.

Delivery services are available from ezCater, Grub Hub, and DoorDash.

Make Your Life Easier with Our Take Out and Delivery Services

A takeout and delivery service makes your life easier as it exposes you to more food options, offers simplicity and convenience, and is less stressful.

  • More Options: Walking out of a restaurant without ordering a meal can be uncomfortable. This usually happens when you walk into a restaurant with a limited menu, and nothing on that menu tickles your fancy.

Take Out Menu

Our online food delivery menu allow you to view our cafeteria’s full food menu. With access to our full take-out menu, you can go through the broad range of food options that are not included in the menu card of the physical restaurant.

  • Simplicity and Convenience: Online ordering is simpler than leaving your home to visit a restaurant. You can order food while bingeing on your favorite Netflix show, and a courier will deliver it to your doorstep.  

  • Less Stressful: These days, most people lead busy lives; as such, customers do not have time to wait in line. But with curbside take-out, which provides allocated time slots for pick up, customers can pick up their full menu quickly and easily since they can slot the delivery into their busy schedules. 

Additionally, for customers who are less mobile, such as seniors or persons with disabilities, curbside pickup can make their customer experience less stressful

Curbside Pick Up for Family Style Meals, Workaholics, and College Students in Charleston, SC

Curbside pickup is not a niche trend to sustain restaurants during COVID-19. Curbside service offers the ideal solution for quicker and safer customer interactions. This means that you, your family, and college students can safely and conveniently get curbside takeout throughout Charleston.

  •  Meals for the Whole Family: As a parent, you may be so busy with work that you barely find time to prepare a home-cooked meal for your family. This is where takeout and delivery come in. Our cafeteria in Charleston offers complete family meals, as well as family-style meals that you and your kids can enjoy. The next time you find yourself in a situation where you cannot prepare a meal for your family, simply call us for a curbside pickup service in your location and feed your family.
  • Curbside Pick Up for College Students: Between attending lectures, studying for exams, participating in extracurricular activities, and holding down part-time jobs, college students barely have time to prepare their meals. As such, curbside pickup is a viable solution that helps them stay healthy while pursuing higher education.  All college students have to search for cafeterias offering takeout or serving their entire menu for delivery, order online and have their meals delivered at preferred locations throughout Charleston. Some cafeterias, like S & S Cafeterias, also offer free delivery, allowing you to save some money with every purchase.  
  • Workaholics Do Not Have to Starve Anymore: If you are a profession-driven individual, you often miss your diet but never on your deadlines. But, you do not have to worry anymore because hundreds of restaurants offer takeout services in South Carolina. Call us to order your meal now!

Order Your Meal from the Best Takeout Cafeteria in Charleston, SC

Are you tired, busy, or simply feel too lazy to cook? Do not fret. You can order delivery from S&S Cafeterias, which offers a wide selection of tasty entrées, salads, fresh vegetables, and desserts that change daily. Although our items may change hourly, our daily offering in our various locations includes chopped steak, potato salad, prime roast beef, baked chicken, and crab cakes.

If you are a senior and you sign up and join the S&S 60+ perks club, you get 10% off on seniors’ day, special rewards, special coupons, and birthday rewards. You also get 10% off on early bird specials. We also offer kid’s meals, including two vegetables of the child’s choice, roll and butter, jello, beverage, and one select entrée.

S&S Cafeterias understands that we are so busy in modern life, and our Take Out Shoppes were created to make life easier for you and your family. Our fast and efficient Take Out Shoppes can prepare a meal for one individual or a whole family, serving delicious choices of hearty main dishes, fresh salads, meat entrées, mouth-watering desserts, and home-style vegetables. Whether you want a sandwich or a cheesecake, we’ve got you covered.

Feel free to contact us to hear our dining options for the day.

Holiday Hours

Christmas Eve – 11am – 4pm

Christmas Day – CLOSED

New Year’s Eve – 11am – 6pm

Cafeteria Hours
11am – 8:00pm

Line Hours
Sun – Sat> 11am – 8:00pm

Take Out Hours
Sun – Sat > 11:00am – 7:30pm 

Food available to take out from the serving line Sunday – Saturday from 7:30 pm – 8:00 pm

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